Log On With Larry

Bird Rock Systems, Inc.

A podcast dedicated to technology advocates looking to highlight the biggest news and insights from tech engineers and leaders. Need some technology driven experts to help improve your business? It's time to Log On with Larry to get the scoop on complex I.T. issues and find solutions you might not know you were looking for. Tune in to hear our industry veteran, Larry Hoehn, and his trusted protégé, Ariel Del Rosario, as they discuss all things technology! Larry has over 20 years of I.T. experience, working on both sides of the table as a client and a trusted advisor. Under his wing, Ariel is a new-comer to the I.T. industry with lots of questions to guide each conversation. This podcast is brought to you by Bird Rock Systems, an I.T. solutions provider specializing in security, cloud, networking, privacy and compliance. Bird Rock Systems has been partnering with Fortune 500 Enterprises and Enterprise Organizations across a range of industries to provide customized IT solutions. From building infrastructure to cybersecurity to staffing efforts, you name it; we’ve mastered it. read less