Southern Soul / Soul Blues Christmas 2021 II (Dj WhaltBabieLuv)

Dj WhaltBabieLuv's "Grown Folks Muzik"

Dec 18 2021 • 1 hr 45 mins


(1) - Christmas Time: Hollywood Hayes. (2) - Christmas: Avail Hollywood. (3) - What Do The Loney Do: Bigg Robb / The Brydes of Bigg Robb. (4) - What You Gane Me last Year: Mel Waiters. (5) - What Christmas Means To Me: Vick Allen. (6) - Christmas Blues: K. Renaa. (7) - Yo Santa: Big Ro. (8) - All I Want for Christmas is You: Big J. (9) - Bye Myself: Mel Waiters. (10) - Xmas Party At grandma's House: Mel Waiters. (11) - Come Back Home: Le'jit. (12) - Holiday Season - J. Wonn. (13) - This Christmas Bigg Robb. (14) - So Good: Sojo The Ladies Champ. (15) - Santa Didn't Bring Me What I asked him To: Blues Boy Bo. (16) - Secret santa: Jesi Terrell. (17) - All I Need For Christmas: Willie Clayton. (18) - Save Your Love: Big G. (19) - Underneath The Misletoe: Tyree Neal: (20) - Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin': Bigg Robb. (21) - Merry Christmas Baby: Miss Lady Blues. (22) - Holidays Are Here: Mose Stovall. (23) - Holiday: Roi Anthony. (24) - I'll Be your Santa Claus: Napoleon Demps / feat. Ms. Nikell. (25) - I'm coming Home for Christmas: Bigg Robb
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