Instant Reaction - Blue Beetle

MovieBuffs Podcast

Aug 29 2023 • 22 mins

A welcomed surprise from DC Studios is Blue Beetle. Featuring a primarily Hispanic cast of actors, Blue Beetle focuses on family and culture, which are strongly featured throughout the movie. In the title role, Xolo Mariduena (Cobra Kai) packs a punch as Jaime Reyes and exceeds expectations. This Instant Reaction episode of the MovieBuffs Podcast gives a spoiler(-ish) free review of Blue Beetle and discusses its strengths and weaknesses. With DC Studios going through a soft reboot, which has seen many story arcs and characters leave the studio, Blue Beetle is one franchise that may continue with the new cast of DC superheroes. This production is mainly self-sustained and doesn’t feature any other DC character cameos, which is a nice welcome for a comic book movie. With comic book movies wanting to go bigger and feature more characters, Blue Beetle focuses on Jaime’s story and his connection to his family. Produced on a relatively modest budget for comic book movies, hopefully, Blue Beetle can outperform its box office projections and warrant a sequel. Follow Tyler on Instagram - Learn more about the MovieBuffs Podcast - Subscribe to Time 2 Train Fitness - Learn more about Naboso Performance Insoles - Buy Dumbbells on Amazon - Buy New Business Cards -

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