Good Friday message in the face of COVID-19

GCS Podcast

Apr 10 2020 • 23 mins

For the first time in our lives, churches around the world will be celebrating Easter this weekend by not gathering together. It’s a tragic picture of these sad and scary days. Yet it’s similar in several ways to what happened on the very first Easter.

The scientific community is racing to find a COVID-19 vaccine to give a vague promise to humanity of immortality based upon chemical changes and formulas, but until science can find a solution for the problem of sin, it will not find a solution for the problem of death.

Every Religion and Philosophy in the world agrees that their founders have never come out of death in the resurrection! It is only Christianity that finds hope in an empty tomb! Is there any hope for us today? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Does it really matter if Jesus was raised from the dead or not? What evidence is there and why is the resurrection so important?

Let's join Tony as he examines the compelling evidence for the resurrection and explains why it is relevant for us today.

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