Ainsley B | 32 things I’ve learned on my 32nd Birthday | Robert Craig | When God Tells You to WAIT on Your Dream

Wild Confidence

Dec 21 2022 • 48 mins

@robertcraigfilms is on #WildConfidencePodcast today!  Robert Craig is producing films that are changing lives with stories that create awareness, inspire, and uplift. A number of his films, notably the internationally acclaimed The Lost Girls, streams on the LIFETIME channel. The films address real-world issues such as child trafficking, bullying, and homelessness and are handled delicately so families can watch together and open up conversations about life choices. Craig's faith in God has led him to a unique and much-needed niche in the filmmaking industry, bringing together top names to write and act in inspirational family films that are purpose-driven and faith in God.

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