46 | Lessons from a Top Leader: Sara Davies - Should You Integrate Your Faith Into Your Business? Stories of Light Replay

Called to Lead - Network Marketing | Scale Without Social Media | Christian Leadership | Social Selling Strategy

Nov 1 2022 • 37 mins

In episode 46 Heather interviews a top Seint Artist Sara Davies about her background, business, and how she navigates faith, family, and #allthethings. Sara shares how her life and faith impacted her business from the very start and how she leads a team of thousands as one of the top five artists in a company of over 30,000!

Episode Highlights:
・Growing up in a middle class family Sara learned to rely on her faith to supply for her needs

・Sara's time as a missionary for her church furthered her trust in the Lord and His provision

・Her adoption of boundaries; faith first, family second, business third

・Setting boundaries on the business can be challenging, but knowing your priorities is key

・You don't have to have a huge following to have huge success in this business

・Matthew 11:28-30, Galations 5:22, James 1:2

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