45 | Feeling Exhausted on this Marathon Race we call Network Marketing? How to Embrace Your Pace and Soar in Your Business

Called to Lead - Network Marketing | Scale Without Social Media | Christian Leadership | Social Selling Strategy

Oct 28 2022 • 20 mins

Join Heather in this weeks conversation and learn to embrace your pace. Everyone is going to be doing business at a different pace, whether it's walking, jogging, running, or soaring towards their goals. Dive in deep as Heather shares what it looks like to walk, jog, run, and soar in your business.

Episode Highlights:
・Business is a marathon and not a sprint

・Whether you are walking, jogging, or running towards your goals, everyone's pace is going to be different

・Pace is determined by priorities and goals as well as how much time you have to invest

・It doesn't take a full time investment in order to get a full time income down the road

・Heather shares her business story and the different paces she has had over the years

・Surrendering all of your hopes and fears to the Lord bring peace and the ability to soar in your business

・What to do if you're already feeling burnt out

・Determine what your pace is and then embrace your pace!

Episode Resources/References:
・James 1:5-6 + Isaiah 40:31
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