62 | Lessons from a Top Leader: Health Coach Elizabeth Davis of the Don't Worry Be Healthy Podcast

Called to Lead - Network Marketing | Scale Without Social Media | Christian Leadership | Social Selling Strategy

Feb 3 2023 • 33 mins

In this week's episode Heather interviews Elizabeth Davis of the Don't Worry Be Healthy Podcast. Tune in to hear Elizabeth's story of how she transitioned from a brick and mortar to network marketing as a health coach.

Episode Highlights:
・If you’re walking in obedience your dreams will line up with Gods dreams for you
・Elizabeth shares her background and faith story
・Not everyone has to see your dreams or see your dreams come true
・Don’t let anyone steal your dreams
・Network marketing is where your purpose can meet your provision
・Learn to love and embrace others from other companies, it's all one community
・There's a way to provide an income to your life that blesses it and doesn't increase the quality

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