61 | What I Learned from a Year off of Social: How to Pick your Path + Fill your Funnel

Called to Lead - Network Marketing | Scale Without Social Media | Christian Leadership | Social Selling Strategy

Jan 27 2023 • 33 mins

In this weeks podcast, Heather shares her experience and journey after a year of growing her business without leveraging social media.Learn what you could expect and some surprising things that may happen when you take your business off social media. Hear how and where Heather is building her business now that she has been off social media for over a year.

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Episode Highlights:
・Learn how to find other ways to communicate with the people you already have connections with
・Leveraging in person & word of mouth referrals
・You don’t have to do the things everyone else is doing
・But the one thing you have to do is “fill your funnel”
・Evaluate to see what has worked best for you in the past
・How are you currently finding your customers?
・Ask yourself; what apps and tools are your customers already using?
・Pick your path leveraging those tools and apps
・Decide over the next 90 days what your path is going to be
・Put that work into action
・Believe you can achieve results

Episode Resources/References:

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