The Red Tide episode 14: Naked and Afraid

The Amateur Hour

May 26 2021 • 53 mins

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Here we go! It's season finally time y'all! Marlin and Marshall awake in a cage, butt ass naked and confused. A familiar face makes an appearance as well as a new one. Stealth moves are made and the creatures of the jungle are revealed and the gang attempts their escape to monkey mountain.

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Background SFX:

chase loop (ninja fight by David_Fesliyan)






(clip)the tome[loop]

(clip)False Idol

(clip)the calling[loop]


(clip)infinity bell[loop]

Background Music:

Intro Song: Adam Vitovsky-Rainy Journey

Outro Song: Grant Carrillo-Red Tide

Edited by Kyle Robertson and Vance Flippin



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