Ep 14: Behind The Walls with Guy Goodenough

Ladies Who Build

Nov 8 2023 • 42 mins

Ever wondered what lurks behind the scenes of a construction project? In this episode, we sit down with Guy Goodenough, Construction Manager at Simply Home, and explore the hidden tales of job site surprises and the unexpected factors that frequently surface in the world of construction. Guy takes us on a journey through cost considerations, permit intricacies, and the invaluable time element.

This episode will cover:

  • How Guy got involved in construction.
  • What is often found behind the walls of projects.
  • Why degraded framing is often found during construction projects.
  • How to prepare for the unexpected.
  • What Guy would say to someone starting a new project.
  • The strangest thing Guy has found in the walls.
  • The biggest value Guy believes Simply Home brings to their clients.

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