#390 - Top 5 things to know when creating Facebook Ads

Course Income Secrets

Jan 14 2022 • 30 mins

It’s no secret that platforms like Facebook want you to create all kinds of ads. Over the last 5 years, I probably spent $50k in ads. I say probably because Facebook no longer shows history past 3 years and I’ve spent $20k+ in my first year because I thought it was mart to do. As you can see, over the last 3 years, I’ve spent less, about $4k/yr but I want to spend more! Why do I want to spend more? Silly question right? Well maybe not. I guess it depends on your experience with Online marketing if you’ll agree with this or not. As Dan Kennedy said, and Russell Brunson often quotes, “The business who can spend the most to acquire a customer wins” Basically, if you can make $2 every time you spend $1 on ads, why wouldn’t you want to spend more? Problem is, it takes a while to learn the secrets to making more than what you spend. In any case, let’s get to the 5 things you need to know. What are the Top 5 things to know when... READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-390---top-5-things-to-know-when-creating-facebook-ads/