Sydney Schoenfeld, Artist, Creator & future Doll Designer

In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel

Dec 8 2021 • 46 mins

In The Doll World (ITDW) is honored to introduce you to Sydney "Syd" Schoenfeld!

We had such a wonderful time learning more about Sydney's doll journey, her talent,  aspirations, and the ways she wants to inspire us all through dolls.

I, Tammy, stumbled upon Syd quite by accident. I saw some of her art and found it fun and refreshing. I was so excited to have found someone early in their career who we could follow as they transitioned from college to the work world! Little did I know, Syd was not transitioning from college to her career: Syd was transitioning from high school to college!

We are excited to follow Syd's doll journey and are looking forward to sharing her learnings and adventures with you!

Bio provided by Syd: "Syd is an up-and-coming artist in the doll world. She is 17-years old and is preparing for college next year. Her goals are to attend university and to major in toy design. Ultimately, Syd would like to become a product designer for the Barbie branch at Mattel.

She has worked as a packaging designer with many small makeup businesses as well as created other miscellaneous pieces for her clients. Syd wants to make waves in the doll world--not only with design--but, with diversity. Her goal is for every child to feel seen. In her words, 'Every child deserves to feel special. Toys teach us how to see the world and inspire us to use our imagination to make it a better place.'"

In her free time, she runs a freelance art business on her Instagram account, @sydscribbs

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