Dominique Jean-Louis, Associate Curator of History Exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society and upcoming Black Dolls Exhibition

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Feb 23 2022 • 51 mins

A great interview with Dominique Jean-Louis, Associate Curator of History Exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society for the upcoming Black Dolls exhibit, February 25th-June 5th, 2022 as well as other wonderful exhibitions including: Our Composite Nation: Frederick Douglass' America (forthcoming February 2022), Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow (2018), and the ongoing exhibition Meet the Presidents at www.inthedollworld/podcasts

Dominique shares with us how the curation of this fantastic and upcoming Black Dolls exhibition came about. She also sheds light on the importance of work that the New-York Historical Society does to keep history alive, seen and shared and how her journey with the NY Historical Society began and of course a little about her own doll journey.

The Black Dolls exhibition explores handmade cloth dolls made primarily by African American women between 1850 and 1940 through the lens of race, gender, and history. The exhibition immerses visitors in the world of dolls, doll play, and doll making while examining the formation of racial stereotypes and confronting the persistence of racism in American history. It features more than 100 cloth dolls, alongside dozens of historical photographs of white and Black children posed with their playthings and caregivers. A coda explores 20th-century commercial dolls marketed to a broader audience of Black families seeking to instill pride in their children. Through these humble yet potent objects, Black Dolls reveals difficult truths about American history and invites visitors to engage in the urgent national conversation around the legacy of slavery and race.

Curated by Margaret K. Hofer, vice president and museum director, and Dominique Jean-Louis,

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