Acori Honzo, (Part 2) Sculptor, Painter & Doll Artist

In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel

May 26 2022 • 28 mins

Part 2 of Acori Honzo's interview now on

Our inspiring conversation with Acori Honzo, of House of Honzo, self-taught sculptor, painter, and doll artist.

Acori shares his amazing journey into creating African American OOAK dolls, of history makers and icons that are inviting, realistic and powerful.

In this  part Acori shares which dolls he has created has inspired and challenged him the most. I am sure you will be surprised who they are.

He also shares his immense appreciation for the doll community and how they have accepted him, helped him, and continue to encourage him and his work and how much that means to him.

We also get to talk about a little something special he will share about his dolls that I think you will find very exciting!!

To learn more about Acori and his dolls visit him at Instagram @acorihonzo and or facebook at House of Honzo.

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