Musicians Take a Stand & Spotify Did What?!

Musically Cogitating

Feb 2 2022 • 27 mins

A lot of things have been going on in the music and podcasts universe. Have you heard? Spotify stood by their most famous podcaster and some musicians decided to take a stand and leave. In this episode, Ciyadh discusses this latest controversy with Spotify, Neil Young, and what that means for artists and music lovers moving forward because some changes are coming.

Topics also discussed:
1. Current Spotify Situation
2. Streaming model’s negative impacts on the music community
3. The future of music streaming is no longer complete
4. How to better support individual artists

Show Notes:
Spotify pulls Neil Young’s music after his ultimatum regarding Joe Rogan and ‘fake information about vaccines’ - The Washington Post
Nils Lofgren, Spotify, and Neil Young from Rolling Stones
Brene Brown Spotify Podcast Joe Rogan Controversy from The Verge
Harry and Meghan Spotify Misinformation News from CNN

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