Architecting a Future-Proof Payments Company with Don Hartley

Descoped: The Payments Security Podcast

May 24 2023 • 28 mins

PayFacs come with a multitude of benefits by allowing businesses to inject themselves into the fund flow. With the ability to spin off various products like payroll, merchant cash advances, fast-funding, and expedited underwriting, while remaining compliant, PayFacs are highly customizable and open a world of possibilities for businesses across industries.

On this episode, we speak with Don Hartley, Head of Payments at Squire. As a self-described payments nerd, Don shares what he’s learned throughout his 25 years in fintech and payments creating products and systems for the world’s top payment companies. Main topics:

  • What sets PayFacs apart from other payments systems
  • A layered approach to regulation and privacy protection
  • Exciting possibilities of FedNow
  • How AI breakthroughs will be impacting fraud

Our guests

  • Don Hartley has been in payments and FinTech for 25 years and is a self-described payments nerd. He has worked worldwide, from Europe to the Middle East, to Southeast Asia. Don has created mobile wallets, the first payment processing app for the iPhone, Payment Processing Software, Gateways, Mobile processing solutions, Neo-banks, Card Issuances, POS Hardware,  and PayFac.    He founded, built, and sold an ISO and Payment Software company between 2001 and 2007 and has built products for companies ranging from PayPal to JP Morgan to MoneyGram.   Don’s currently Head of Payments at Squire, a POS company, and lives off the coast of Georgia with his wife, 5 children, and a foul-tempered rabbit.
  • Travis Mottershead is a Senior Solutions Architect at VGS. He helps larger customers descope their network from sensitive or toxic data. He lives in Edmonton, Canada with his wife, one-year-old, and two small dogs.


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