S1E07: Martin Brooks, body language expert, author, & communications coach

Pitch Masters

Nov 20 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Bill Clinton’s Thumb Of Power, Barack Obama’s Pinch Of Salt - just two tips from episode 7 of the Pitch Masters Podcast with body language expert, Martin Brooks.

When we pitch, present, or speak in public, we often focus on the content of what we’re saying, and in reality, a HUGE amount of our success lies in non-verbal communication, ie, BODY LANGUAGE.

Martin is a Communication Performance Coach and Author of Body Language Decoder. This interview was absolutely fascinating, and is, IMHO, essential learning for anyone speaking in front of a crowd. We talk about hand gestures, how to stand, how to move, facial expressions, and how to get rid of those terrible nerves. Plus, we talk about some classic real life examples: how we can tell that Boris was often not being entirely truthful, how we know that Liz Truss was a bag of nerves, and how Joe Biden stamps his authority when he’s making a point.

And there’s more, way more - the postural retreat, spatial anchoring, and how Dr Freud’s work still holds the answers to why we act like we do.

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