Canonical: True Crime

Canonical True Crime

Canonical: True Crime is a fortnightly podcast bringing you True Crime stories from all over the world. We’ll dive headfirst into tales of murder, destruction and more. Join me as we begin our journey into darkness and toward the truth. Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest episode. Available on all your favourite podcast platforms.
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Canonical: True Crime Season 1
Mar 8 2021
43 seconds
Episode Seventeen: FreezingEpisode Sixteen: 10 RillingtonEpisode Fifteen: JamesEpisode Fourteen: BackpackersEpisode 13: Evil AngelEpisode Twelve: Point BlankEpisode Eleven: The CallerEpisode Ten: Seventh SinEpisode Nine: Poisoned PunchEpisode Eight: A Midsummer NightEpisode Seven: MoorhouseEpisode Six: TaraEpisode Five: A Child, A Family & a $215,000 Mystery.Episode Four: Double-OEpisode Three: The Disappearance of Brian ShafferEpisode Two: Footsteps in the SnowEpisode One: Fear SundownCanonical: True Crime Season 1