Empathy When #4 Jasmin Reimer

Empathy When

Aug 14 2020 • 41 mins

Please join us for Empathy When no. 4! We're delighted to welcome you to the terrace of Tropez to enjoy the poetry of Jasmine Reimer. She will be reading some of her book Small Obstructions, and then having a chat with John Holten.

Jasmine Reimer is a writer, artist and researcher who has received a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2009 and an MFA from The University of Guelph in 2015. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Of, In, or Under’ at Forest City Gallery in Ontario, ‘Small Obstructions’ at Georgia Scherman Projects in Toronto and ‘the harder softer side’ at The Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina. In addition to her visual art practice, Reimer maintains a creative and critical writing practice. Her art criticism can be read in Canadian publications including “The Capilano Review”, “Border Crossings” and in the upcoming issue of “Femme Art Review”. In February 2017, in conjunction with an exhibition by the same name, Reimer released her first book of poetry titled, Small Obstructions. Later that year, “Bluestem”, an online and print publication produced by Eastern Illinois University’s English Department, recently published “To Be A Bowl of Tangerines” in its Spring issue.

This summer the audience is invited to join us at the poolside in Tropez for a series of readings and poolside chats with writers, poets and artists. Literature has the means to help us escape, reimagine the world anew, or offer bold new ways to engage with the world. It's empathy building. It's also fun. Between weekly live readings and interactions with the Tropez live webcam, BDP and Tropez produce Empathy When - the Tropez Writing Podcast! We will be recording our guests Dani Arbid, Alan Murrin, Mitch Speed, Jasmine Reimer, Adam Fearon und Anna Szaflarski for the public to enjoy, socially distanced storytelling!

Broken Dimanche Press is a European press interested in all aspects of books within the wider discourses of contemporary art and literature. It is committed to operating beyond and across national borders and language regions. Ten years after its founding in 2009, the publishing house, which has published over 70 titles and organised numerous exhibitions and events, started a Writers' Prize. BDP is based in Berlin.

Broken Dimanche Press podcast series at TROPEZ is part of REALITY.