47. Consulting the Consultant: Updates from Jacqueline Mallais of JPMint Consulting

Educators Going Global

Feb 29 2024 • 59 mins

International teacher consultant Jacqueline Mallais joined us once again from Guadalajara, Mexico, for this episode.

Jacqueline is a former international teacher and school leader with over 20 years of experience in six countries on four continents. Since heading overseas in 1996, she has helped numerous teachers secure amazing opportunities abroad. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, and now living in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico, Jacqueline offers her consulting services to teachers looking for personal help and guidance on their job search journey.

Our Guiding Question was, “What lessons were learned last year in your role as an international teacher consultant? What is recruiting looking like now?”

This was Jacqueline’s fourth interview with us; as always, we had many helpful takeaways. Our main interests were in finding out how things were going with her consulting business and the state of recruiting for the coming year. Jacqueline didn’t disappoint, providing detailed information that anyone in the recruiting arena would do well to take on board.

  • Lessons learned in her business: namely, that she loves her job, which is really more of a “calling” for her, and that she gets a lot of referrals through the International Teacher Podcast
  • Takeaways from the past year:  such as the fact that recruiting is now a full-year proposition and also that she feels that her consulting provides “good value for her clients’ money”.
  • Trends she sees this year: there are many job postings out there, and at the same time, schools are now doing a lot of early hiring to “lock in” solid candidates.
  • Words of wisdom she shared, such as: Teachers might be tempted to write resumes and cover letters using AI – it might help with the process but it can’t replace the human touch, as well as “apply for everything” and “recruiting can be a big expense and a stressful time, but it’s worth it in the end if you find a school that is your perfect match” – and at the same time, resist the temptation to grab that first contract just to be done with the process.

The show was recorded on November 21, 2023.

Jacqueline’s Contact Information: Her website is JPMint Consulting

She also can be followed on:

  • FB: jpmintconsulting
  • IG: jpmintconsulting
  • LinkedIn: Jacqueline Mallais
  • Twitter: jpmintconsult
  • YouTube: jpmintconsulting

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