39. What Does it Mean to Be an International Educator? We asked Sandy Sheppard to Share Her Wisdom on This Topic.

Educators Going Global

Nov 24 2023 • 33 mins

Sometimes we happen to read articles and blog posts that ring true to us. Occasionally, we may even think, “Hey, this author could be talking about me and my experiences!” Well, guess what? I had this sensation when reading an article in TIEonline entitled “My Identity as an International Educator.” The article really nailed the character strengths, dispositions, and experiences of individuals who “go global” to teach.

I shared the article with Audrey and said, “Let’s get the author, Sandy Sheppard, on the podcast” to help our listeners further build their understanding of what it means to be an international educator. Fortunately, Sandy said yes to our request for an interview.

There were many takeaways from our interview with Sandy. One that may not become apparent to many of us until we have been “away from home” for a while is the extent to which international educators are “different.” We discussed these differences and how they impacted Sandy when she repatriated to New Zealand and attempted to resume her teaching career “back home.” If you have tried something similar, you may be able to connect with how she felt about what ensued.

Sandy is an international educator who was born and raised in New Zealand. Sandy embarked on her international career three decades ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. Presently, she serves as an Elementary Principal in the vibrant city of Yangon, Myanmar. Sandy has raised two children internationally and advocates for the profound impact of high-quality international education in shaping future global citizens poised to enact positive change in the world.

Our guiding question was, “What does it mean to be an international educator?”.

Sandy touched on many themes that we know our veteran international educator listeners will be able to connect with!

This episode was recorded on October 3, 2023.

Contact Information: LinkedIn | Instagram: Sandy Lee Sheppard

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

My Identity as an International Educator article in TIEonline.

Categories: School Life | Transitions

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