44. Tools to Help Make the Process of Choosing a School/City/Country More Objective

Educators Going Global

Jan 19 2024 • 41 mins

Audrey and David dive into the blog post “Profiling Schools, Cities, and Countries” to bring listeners’ attention to the importance of planning for their next move. The post provides criteria for comparing and ranking schools, cities, and countries to help you be more objective when 1 - planning which schools to apply to and then 2 - comparing job offers when they come in.

These tools should prove to be super helpful as you go through the processes of setting your priorities, researching schools, interviewing and then making that final decision.

We strongly encourage you to read the post.

One big topic we talk about is wellness. We mentioned David’s blog post on wellness, including a link to his Wellness@ES website.

David and Audrey would like to thank Mark Forgeron for taking our criteria and organizing them into a spreadsheet, to which he added a helpful "scoring system" for the many criteria. Thanks, Mark!

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