Suka Director Heidi Lee Douglas Talks About Shooting Neon-Noir Action on the Streets of Western Sydney in This Interview

The Curb

Oct 4 2023 • 17 mins

In this episode, Andrew interview filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas about her new film Suka. Written by Tsu Shan Chambers and Lily Cheng, this neon-soaked action flick tells a story that spans decades, detailing the the fury that rages between two feuding families in Western Sydney. Suka is both a multi-cultural Romeo and Juliet style revenge film, with a touch of real-life events thrown into the mix.

In this interview Heidi talks about the importance of casting actors who could handle both the acting requirements as well as the fighting sequences, while also touching on the value of global appreciation of the banner term 'genre filmmaking' when it comes to horror, action, and sci-fi films. Additionally, Heidi talks about the role that neon plays in storytelling.

Suka is available on demand right now and is released by Umbrella Entertainment.

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