1946 Academy Award Best Picture Winner: The Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler) - Awards Don't Matter

The Curb

Sep 20 2023 • 49 mins

Oh hey, would you believe it, Awards Don't Matter is back. After almost a two year break, we're back with an episode from the vault where David Giannini and Andrew F Peirce discuss the 1946 Best Picture winner The Best Years of Our Lives. Winner of an impressive seven Academy Awards, including Best Director (William Wyler), Best Actor (Frederic March), and Best Supporting Actor (Harold Russell), The Best Years of Our Lives is widely considered one of the great Best Picture winners.

But don't trust everyone else! Listen to two dudes who chat about whether it's good or not and ask whether The Best Years of Our Lives matters any more.

We aim to bring more episodes in the future, including a promised discussion on It's a Wonderful Life very soon. And while we mention AwardsDontPod on Twitter, well, that place doesn't really exist anymore, so just make sure you're subscribed to The Curb podcast feed for updates.

Clips presented in this episode: The Best Years of Our Lives trailer // Homer and Wilma scene // "And for what?" // PTSD Scene

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