Unleashing the power of research across your organization

Insights Unlocked

Sep 4 2023 • 31 mins

In today's episode, UserTesting’s Lisa Lloyd talks with Behzod Sirjani about democratizing research across the org, measuring research’s impact, how to tackle diversity and inclusion in research practices, overcoming resistance to research, and creating a go-no-go decision making framework. Behzod is founder of the Yet Another Studio consultancy, working with a range of clients including Figma and Dropbox. Behzod is a research consultant, advisor, and investor. He is also an Executive in Residence and Program Partner at Reforge, where he built and leads the User Insights for Product Decisions program. Previously, Behzod led Research Operations at Slack and was a Senior UX Researcher at Facebook, where he co-founded the Research Associates Program. In their conversation, they discuss: What democratizing research means How to make teams aware they are already doing research every day Playing the Wheel of Fortune with your research and decision making Measuring research's ROI for the org How to get buy in for research diversity Is great research inconvenient? Humility in the research process Recognizing research is not always the answer Decision making frameworks Risk threshold conversations Best research advice

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