1014: The Benefits of Cryotherapy & Ice Baths, Creating the Ultimate Morning Routine, When Children Should Begin Working Out & MORE

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Apr 20 2019 • 1 hr 23 mins

In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Organifi (organifi.com/mindpump, code "mindpump" for 20% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about the age a child can start working out in the gym with a parent, how to choose the best morning routine, cryotherapy and ice baths for recovery and the benefits of meditation.

  • Adam’s new Organifi ‘pre-podcast’ stack: Pure and Immunity. (3:45)
  • How do we get wealthy people to want to do more good things?? Cater to their ego. (10:50)
  • Is old man strength a real thing?? (16:07)
  • Carl's Jr. is testing out a CBD burger in honor of 4/20, BANG Energy class action says drinks don’t provide ‘Body-Rocking Fuel’ & MORE. Why quality always has staying power. (19:22)
  • The new trend: Being ‘authentic’. (30:40)
  • Joe Rogan vs. Media Matters. (36:06)
  • 3D-printed heart made using a human patient's cells. (40:12)
  • Justin introduces Sal to new rock music. (45:27)
  • U.S. doctors accused of trading prescriptions for sex and cash in a major scandal. How just because you have a Ph.D. doesn’t mean you have integrity. (46:15)
  • #Quah question #1 – What’s a good age for someone younger to start working out in the gym with a parent? (48:57)
  • #Quah question #2 – Jim Kwik and Hal Elrod both talked about morning routines, but their routines were quite different. For example, Jim Kwik’s suggested keeping your eyes closed and remembering dreams. Hal Elrod said to put your phone across the room, so you would have to get up to turn off the alarm. Which do you subscribe to? (59:59)
  • #Quah question #3 – What are your thoughts on cryotherapy and ice baths for recovery? Placebo or actually valuable? (1:06:51)
  • #Quah question #4 – What have been your experiences with meditation? What benefits have you seen in research or personal experience? What advice would you give people looking to add meditation to their lifestyle? (1:15:35)

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