Speaking with Australian children's author Gillian Wells

Between The Covers

Aug 16 2023 • 8 mins

Brad chats with Australian author Gillian Wells about her latest children's book Boots and Scoots.

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BOOTS AND SCOOTS, two terrier puppies, bring a whole new meaning to the word trouble!
Their new home on a cattle farm in the outback brings endless opportunities for mischief and fun, both of which Boots and Scoots continue to find themselves stumbling into.
The two pups find plentiful ways to stir up the local community but quickly learn
that having fun is not always the best way to stay out of trouble.
Then again… being good is not so interesting either!

*Age recommended 6 to 10 years old

"A funny and entertaining adventure from one of this country's renowned writers... A gem for all ages..." Meredith, Indie Book reviewer