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A discovery into becoming a new Australian author as seen and created through the experiences of both publisher and authors who have joined together to collaborate and grow the awareness of new talents in the competitive landscapes. A series designed around who and what can be done and achieved by patience and planning and working in a community of like minded successful people. This podcast series is for anyone looking at becoming a really successful published author and those looking to understand the mind of a writer and the goals of a publisher...Welcome and enjoy. read less


Speaking with Australian author Jim McIntyre
Jul 27 2023
Speaking with Australian author Jim McIntyre
Brad chats with Jim McIntyre about her book Nikolai the Perfect.Purchase your copy of Nikolai the Perfect by clicking here.Jim is also contactable via his email address as a first point of contact: jim@terangwritersretreat.comWhile post-communist Moscow deals with political transition, Vassili is descending into despair at his wife Anna's chronic infertility. Following his father Sergey's footsteps, he travels to Melbourne to teach Russian at a prestigious university. Accompanying him is a wrapped parcel to be delivered to a Helen Dalrymple of Mount Evelyn; a task that proves to be anything but straightforward. Miscast and adrift in his new home, Vassili awaits Anna's arrival. Bringing with her devastating news, it is not long until old resentments surface. At an idyllic guesthouse in the Dandenong Hills, the scene is set for a reckoning that will crack the secrets of the parcel Vassili's father gave him, and blow the family apart. 'In this assured, ambitious and intelligent debut, the reader is taken into one family's turmoil in a country caught in its own turbulence. Private and public dramas mirror and often illuminate each other. The thread that unites them into a powerful whole is McIntyre's original voice.' - Lee Kofman'Striking in its lyrical beauty, and profound in what it has to say about love, family and the vagaries of cultural dislocation ... a truly marvellous novel' - Bram PresserAccomplishments:Nikolai the Perfect was Equal Runner Up in the 2015 Victorian Premier's Unpublished Manuscript Award: The 2020 Age survey of well known Australian authors' top ten reads cited Nikolai twice: From time to time he does author talks, such as this one in Hamilton last year: