Targeted Drug Delivery For Chronic Pain- EP 21

Premier Pain Talk

Aug 30 2022 • 33 mins

Targeted Drug Delivery For Chronic Pain

On today’s episode of Premier Pain Talk, is a topic near and dear to Dr. Danko’s heart- targeted drug delivery also called a pain pump. It is an underutilized therapy but can be done very well and be very effective. This is an option that offers hope when other treatment options are not working or will not work. Dr. Feldheim, Dr. Danko’s partner at Premier Pain Institute joins the podcast as well today.  Tune in for the details.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Danko talks about how he was lucky to incorporate targeted drug delivery early on in his career and how it has become a staple therapy option that he offers; He has a lot of great patient success stories with it.
  • The therapy is delivering medication directly to the spinal fluid and targeting the pain receptors far more effectively than oral medication or transdermal patch.
  • When basic procedures are not successfully relieving the pain, when there isn't a surgery that is going to fully correct the pain, looking at therapies like targeted drug delivery and spinal cord stimulation offers hope without just continuing on an oral medication regimen.
  • Dr. Feldheim defines chronic pain.
  • Dr. Danko and Dr. Feldheim discuss some of the painful conditions that may qualify you for treatment with a pain pump.
  • Chronic back and leg pain is one of the most common that they treat.
  • What is complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) ?
  • There is a wide range of treatment options for chronic pain; Dr. Feldheim reviews them.
  • What is neuromodulation?
  • What happens when you take an oral medication? How does it differ with targeted drug delivery?
  • How does the pump work? Dr. Feldheim explains. The right amount of medication goes to that precise spot and helps treat the pain. People experience fewer side effects and more success in getting to where the pain is being transmitted.
  • Dr. Danko talks about the trial you can do prior to see if your body will be responsive to this treatment type.
  • A psychological evaluation is required to go through with the trial.
  • In regards to the trial, Dr. Danko talks about how it is a much more patient friendly way to determine what is best for you.
  • What does recovery and follow up look like?
  • What is the goal long term?
  • There are multiple ways to manage the pump once it has been implanted.
  • It is important to remember that this therapy is meant to treat chronic pain. This can include cancer pain.
  • Oral pain medication is something your body becomes dependent upon. Dr. Danko explains why it needs to be out of your system when you get a pain pump.
  • How do you break free of dependence on medication?
  • There are ways that you can activate doses of medication from your phone that are set by the provider.
  • Dr. Danko reviews the risks.
  • The change of quality of life can be profound through this therapy. Patients in the practice are willing to share their story and can connect to new clients who may be considering going through with it.

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