From PLC Lite to PLC Done Right: A Conversation with Tongue River Elementary School (Part 1)

Charting New Paths in PreK-12 Education

May 10 2022 • 30 mins

A Conversation with Tongue River Elementary School (Part 1)

You simply cannot become an effective professional learning community (PLC) without true collaboration that focuses on student learning and results (data rules!). This hard-won knowledge is what drives the servant leadership Principal Annie Griffin provides her staff at Tongue River Elementary, which recently received the distinction of Model PLC at Work® school.

In this podcast, we talk with Principal Annie Griffin, as well as author and PLC at Work expert Brandon Jones, who worked with Tongue River extensively over the course of a year. Brandon and Annie reveal their first encounters with Solution Tree, the most helpful resources they’ve shared with peers, and the challenges that come with building a truly effective leadership team or guiding coalition that is so essential to the work of a PLC. In addition, they delve deep into what it means to be a collaborative team–from practical daily practice to the mind-shifts that must take place. Finally, Brandon takes us into the pages of his book Help Your Team, a resource worth reading if you’re tackling the challenges that come with moving from PLC lite to PLC done right.

Tune in to hear:
● Principal Griffin’s journey from first learning about PLC as a teacher to leading Tongue River to National Blue Ribbon status with the PLC at Work process.
● Annie Griffin, Principal of Tongue River Ranchester, Wyoming
● Brandon Jones, author and PLC at Work Associate
● How the close-knit culture of commitment at Tongue River keeps driving the momentum of their PLC journey
● Why the journey to being a PLC is never ending–and why this is a good thing
● How to begin the work of becoming a PLC
● How to apply to become a Model PLC at Work if you’re already deeply invested in the process

*To request Brandon Jones for PD: https://www.solutiontree.com/brandon-jones.html

*Book Co-Authored by Brandon Jones…Help Your Team: Overcoming Common Collaborative Challenges in a PLC at Work® : https://www.solutiontree.com/help-your-team.html

*More about Tongue River Elementary School, a Model PLC School: https://www.allthingsplc.info/evidence/details/id,1893

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