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As a business owner, contracts, trademarks, and LLCs are probably the last thing you want to worry about. But business can get messy – unless you cover your a$$ets, and get legally legit. Licensed attorney Amy Nesheim makes the legal aspects of running an online business simple and easy to implement. Tune in so you can build your business with confidence knowing it’s legally protected whatever comes your way. *This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice* read less

Ep. 34 | 3 Things I Would Do Differently If I Started My Business Again (And One I Would Do the Same)
Jun 13 2023
Ep. 34 | 3 Things I Would Do Differently If I Started My Business Again (And One I Would Do the Same)
It's easy to look at established business owners and think they've got it all figured out - but even as a practicing small-business attorney, I didn't get everything right when I was starting my business! Tune in for my reflections on 3 (legal) things I'd do differently if I were starting my business from scratch - plus the one thing I'm happy I did before getting started.If you want to make sure your business is legally legit right from day 1 (or whatever day you're at right now!) join my annual membership, Cover Your Assets. Cover Your Assets walks you through each step to get all the legal stuff in place for your business - and is now open for enrollment! We just switched over to an open enrollment, annual membership model - so you can join when you're ready for a lower monthly investment than ever before. Learn more about Cover Your Assets here.If you're an online business owner who’s ready to take the guesswork out of the legal aspects of your business, watch my free training to learn the 3 steps to get your business legally legit without hiring a lawyer. Let’s get the legal stuff covered so you can grow your business with confidence. Go to to sign up.Your support means everything! Please subscribe on your favorite podcasting app and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.Enjoying the podcast? Send me a DM over on Instagram @artfulcontractsFull show notes at