Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler Trailer (Season 4)

Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler

Aug 31 2021 • 13 mins

The next season of Technically Speaking is on the way featuring http://www.maylikhoe.com/ (May-Li Khoe), Co -Founder Maker Space http://www.mbarnesdesigns.com/ (Mathew Barnes) - Design Director, AWS https://aasthagaur.com/journal (Aastha Gaur) - Design Director, Google https://www.daviddylanthomas.com/ (David Dylan Thomas) - Author, Design For Cognitive Bias https://twitter.com/rayf__ (Rafe Chisolm) - Senior Designer, Twitter https://preston.so/ (Preston So) - Author, Voice Content and Usability https://www.davidhoang.com/newsletter (David Hoang) - Design Director, Webflow https://www.linkedin.com/in/beauvward/ (Dominique Ward) - Head of Design Operations, Atlassian https://asianjay.com/ (Jay Demitillo) - Design Lead, Grab Singapore https://www.mauricecherry.com/ (Maurice Cherry) - Founder, Revision Path In the trailer, you'll hear excerpts from Dominique Ward, David Dylan Thomas, May-Li Khoe, Rafe Chisom, David Hoang, and Preston So. New episodes release every Tuesday. This season is sponsored by https://automattic.com/ (Automattic) Support this podcast