Hype Docs, No Code, and Building The Second Brain with David Hoang

Technically Speaking with Harrison Wheeler

Nov 2 2021 • 27 mins

In today’s episode our host Harrison Wheeler is joined by David Hoang, Director of Design at Webflow, to have a dynamic conversation around coding, remote work, the importance of community building, and why everyone should have their own “Hype Doc” around. Self gratitude is so important, yet we all tend to care for others while forgetting about our own needs. You don’t want to miss this inspiring episode, so tune in now! Jump straight into: (01:34) - The magic behind Webflow: On building online presence without coding. (05:30) - A day in the life of David Hoang. (07:03) - A Zoom & Loom company: The art of getting things done remotely.  (13:47) - How to boost productivity and experiment with creativity through the second brain. (18:49) - Everyone needs a Hype Doc: The importance of celebrating personal achievements and embracing self-gratitude. (23:29) - The value of constant learning and deliberate practice. Episode Resources: Follow David on https://twitter.com/davidhoang (Twitter) Subscribe to David’s weekly newsletter https://www.davidhoang.com/newsletter (here) https://webflow.com/ (Webflow) https://www.loom.com/ (Loom) https://automattic.com/ (Automattic) Support this podcast