Chasing Evil

Christopher Godsick

A compelling true crime podcast featuring never-before-heard moments of real crimes told by the survivors and those who were called in to chase - and ultimately stop - evil. Host and creator, Emmy award-winning film and television producer Christopher Godsick, goes behind the scenes to share the untold stories of criminal cases including the infamous fraudster Bernie Madoff, notorious drug lord El Chapo, the recovery of missing children and much more. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Chasing Evil podcast is a fascinating true crime show. Host Christopher Godsick reveals the secret process of catching criminals. Each episode investigates how authorities pursue and capture perpetrators. The host interviews law enforcement officials and the victim's friends and families. The podcast explores killers, organized crime, and corporate fraud. Listeners will hear these incredible stories as told by those who lived them.

As a lifelong member of the entertainment industry, Godsick is a natural storyteller. He is an executive producer for film and TV. His work on the successful series Veep earned him several Emmy nominations and two wins. Godsick has also produced blockbusters like Shazam! and Face/Off.

In Chasing Evil, he uses his storytelling ability to portray the people behind the badge. His conversational and open interviewing style allows guests to show their humanity. The stories they share are thrilling and—at times—funny.

When Godsick began researching for the podcast, he shadowed several patrols. While riding with a fugitive task force, he experienced the incredible daily lives they lead. He decided these stories were worth sharing with his audience. He then invited the US Marshals Service to the podcast.

The show explores the reality of tracking fugitives in every kind of crime. The podcast has discussed the search for a Massachusetts man who shot a state trooper. This episode, "A Heavy Hitter in the Bronx," is one of Godsick's favorites. He also covers the notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger. Bulger was an FBI informant who went into hiding when the bureau went to arrest him. Neil Sullivan, a marshal who joined the search for Bulger, is the guest on this episode. Sullivan shares how he helped apprehend the man who evaded the FBI for sixteen years.

No matter the crime, Chasing Evil offers fascinating insights into the lives of law enforcement officials.

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