HE Xige talks about his albums

Music Talks

Jan 31 2020 • 30 mins

In our last episode, we had a pleasure talking with Mr HE XIGE, who is a celebrated musician from Inner Mongolia. Mr HE is NOT ONLY an outstanding horse-head fiddle instrumentalist, but also a popular composer, who infuses modernity into traditional Mongolian fiddle music, winning the favour of numerous music lovers from home and abroad. Some of you may have already heard a few of his songs in our last episode, like ‘Nostalgia’, or ‘Flying Emblem’, etc. Today, we continue to talk with Mr HE while listening to a few classic songs selected from his albums since 2005, and we also get to hear the stories behind these musical works. SONG LISTS: 1. The horses returned 归来的马 2. White pony 白驹 3. Eternal horse head fiddle 永恒的马头琴 4. Faith 信念 5. The oath of the mountains and rivers 山河誓