#32 - Dr. Jen McIntyre - Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Washington State University

Save What You Love with Mark Titus

Nov 15 2021 • 59 mins

Dr. Jen McIntyre is a professor of aquatic ecology for the Washington State University’s Puyallup division. Mark and Jen break down her work with stormwater runoff and its deleterious effect on salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest. Pretty relevant with the onset of November rains here in Salmon Nation. Jen has led youth on wilderness adventures, earned a masters and her ph.D at the University of Washington and been published in dozens of major periodicals. And, she is a voice of hope. Her breakthrough research has led to identifying the exact toxic chemical in tires that are causing salmon harm. Mark and Jen talk about the work that is being done now to protect toxic runoff and the work that remains to be done. You can follow Jenn's work at the Washington Stormwater Center.