34: How to Restore Your Inner Calm as an Overwhelmed Mom with Dr. Sindy Shin

The Dr. Kinney Show

Aug 9 2021 • 32 mins

How do you restore your inner peace, joy, and energy as an overwhelmed mom?

My guest in this episode, Dr. Sindy Shin, has the answers. She has helped so many women do this after she was able to do it herself.

Sindy Shin is a naturopathic doctor and self-care strategist who helps overwhelmed mothers cultivate meaningful self-care and restore inner calm. Sindy’s signature style nurtures and guides women with a calm and mindful approach to revitalize mental, emotional, and physical well-being for a radiant inner, outer, and higher self. Her authenticity uplifts and inspires others, helping women across the world reconnect to their innate healing power and reclaim authentic joy, peace, beauty, and vitality.

For all of my mom listeners, this is a really helpful episode. We get into what happens when you try to “do it all”, how to choose what you should prioritize, the importance of connection, and so many more topics.

I hope that you know that if you are feeling the pressure of motherhood, you are not alone. This episode will help you navigate that and give you tips to move forward with more confidence, peace, energy, and joy.

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