How To Heal Your Body, Boost Your Nutrition, and Feel Incredible with Algae with Catharine Arnston

The Dr. Kinney Show

Nov 21 2022 • 49 mins

Do you incorporate algae into your diet?

Algae is the most nutrient-dense food in the world. One gram of algae has the same nutrition as 1000 grams of fruits and vegetables. Some even say it’s the answer to world hunger! It can also benefit your hair, skin, sleep, energy, health, nutrition, and so much more.

In this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I sat down with Catharine Arnston to talk about the amazing health benefits of a diet rich in algae.

Catharine Arnston is the Founder/CEO/Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits® and expert in algae for wellness, nutrition, beauty, biohacking, mitochondria, and longevity. She is a nationally recognized thought leader, seasoned corporate executive, experienced entrepreneur, and sought-after speaker. Catharine has an MBA and BA and is a Board-Certified Health Coach.

We all deserve to feel our best, and algae is great for healing your health and feeling amazing. It’s raw, keto, low-calorie, and vegan. To top it all off, it comes in small tablets so it’s easier than ever to get all of the nutrients your body needs. It really is effortless nutrition.

Tune in to learn more about the health benefits of algae and how you can start adding it to your diet today.

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