87: Ditch Diet Culture and Love Your Body with Courtney McCarthy

The Dr. Kinney Show

Aug 15 2022 • 22 mins

Are you ready to ditch diet culture and learn how to love your body?

There is a lot of toxic culture around the fitness industry and it can leave women feeling like their bodies are never good enough. We equate weight to health, which can harm our self-image.

In this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I sat down with Courtney McCarthy to talk about the importance of embracing your body, ditching diet culture, finding joy in movement, and so much more.

Courtney McCarthy is the CEO & Founder of Loyobo FIT, a virtual community dedicated to helping women to ditch diet culture, find joy in movement, and finally figure out how to love their bodies.

Courtney's own journey with health and struggles around body image/weight loss inspired her to become an ACE Certified Fitness Professional. She learned the hard way how broken our views are toward women's bodies and how the formula the fitness industry presents as "the answer" keeps us stuck in a cycle of shame, guilt, and self-blame.

Her mission is to prove that there is another way and to help women step out of the struggle and into self-love! She teaches women how to ditch diet culture, how to heal their relationship with food and movement, and how to take the stress out of self-care. She wants you to see that you are MORE than a body and have the power to define health for yourself.

The trick is to start loving your body and feeling confident in your own skin now. Tune in to learn more from Courtney about how to do just that.

Show notes available at www.drerinkinney.com/87

Resources Mentioned:

Get the free Love Your Body guide: https://www.loyobofit.com/loveyoursize

Visit the LoYoBo FIT website: https://www.loyobofit.com/

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