3.05 How Do I Love My Neighbor When We Don't Agree?

The Whole Podcast

Nov 4 2021 • 44 mins

We've all heard the biblical commandment to "Love our neighbor." But maybe you've wondered, how am I suppose to love a neighbor who I just can't see eye to eye with. A neighbor that you disagree with more than you agree with, and no matter how much you try, the more you try, the more you realize - we have nothing in common, and in fact I really don't like this person's thoughts, beliefs or values! Today our friend Scott Eastman is back! to discuss today's question: How do I love my neighbor when we don't agree? -- Question for the show? Email us at becky@j2wholeness.org Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/j2wholenessgb/ (@j2wholenessgb) More info about Journey to Wholeness: http://bit.ly/J2Wholeness (http://bit.ly/J2Wholeness)