4.01 To Have and to Hold; Relationships

The Whole Podcast

Feb 24 2022 • 46 mins

Today we're starting a new season and a new series on Relationships! And we are zeroing in on Marriage! Do you remember your marriage vows? We're breaking it down line by line this season with our guests, starting with our founder and her husband of 26 years, Ruben Alcantar Jr! Question for the show? Email us at becky@j2wholeness.org -- Follow J2Wholeness on socials!https://thewholepodcast.captivate.fm/j2w-instagram (J2W Instagram) https://thewholepodcast.captivate.fm/j2w-facebook (J2W Facebook) About J2WholenessJourney to Wholeness has been bridging scripture & neuroscience to equip individuals to face life's challenges since 2014. Learn more and start you journey at thehttps://thewholepodcast.captivate.fm/j2w-website (J2W Website)

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