Building connections - A life in Iceland - Elena Teuffer, translator and interpreter

Podcast profumato - Perfumed podcast

Oct 10 2021 • 35 mins

She speaks 6 languages and she works as a translator and interpreter based in Iceland; her brand is called Constricktions.
This interview is part of the Archipelagos project, a project about coaching and anthropological research about islands and archipelagos as metaphors.

[About the first experience in a family in Iceland] - "You have your  task to do and it's not just because you are there but because you belong: they made me feel belonging to the family. I wasn’t just this helping out girl no one cares about; they just took me with them. And the countryside in Iceland is really remote you don’t have that in Italy; the next labour is like 3/5 kilometres away and you can see the other houses because it’s also flat and you have a view so far, the air is so clear that you think it’s not that far away but then you go and check and it is so far! Because of this remoteness, I guess the people are celebrating community whenever there is a possibility to meet".

"This feeling of having a purpose,  being able to dive into this community, being a part of this family just gave me a really many new impressions of life and how it can be in a completely different surrounding. I’m from Cologne in Germany which is a city with million inhabitants and there are no cows and tractors in my neighbourhood yeah so this was really huge step out of everything I knew: comfort zone, and culture shock and everything included".

"This is something I really enjoy so that’s the language thing - to bring people together;  that’s something I have in my claim as well on my site that I want to build bridges to other people, to connecting people with language, with translation or interpretation".