A woman lighthouse keeper - Sally Snowman and Boston Light

Podcast profumato - Perfumed podcast

Nov 7 2021 • 30 mins

Sally Snowman is the Coast Guard keeper of Boston Light, the 70th keeper with the first sixty-nine having been men.
This interview is part of the Archipelagos project, a coaching and anthropological research project on islands and archipelagos as metaphors.

"The Coast Guard wanted to hire a civilian keeper and use auxiliaries to support the civilian keeper. They did a national search. I put in my application and I got the job. The job found me. That was so serendipitous and so the question that gets asked often is, what were you doing before you were hired in 2003? I was a college professor, so we have a college professor doing lighthouse keeper".

"It is amazing at night when you're sleeping and at the top of the tower, there's this nine-foot crystal made up of 336 individual prisms in this 12 sections of them. And then there's a bullseye lens that magnifies a one thousand one lamp or bulb to two million candle power. So we're so close on the island that when looking out the window and the light is rotating, you can literally see 12 beams of light coming out versus when you were in the water and you just see a 10-second flash. I meditate on that, I just watch that and I go into this altered state of bliss and I feel so safe".