A life lived among colours and scents in Sicily - Lucia Scuderi, illustrator

Podcast profumato - Perfumed podcast

Oct 26 2021 • 18 mins

Lucia Scuderi is an award-winning illustrator and painter, who lives and works in Catania, Sicily, near the sea and at the foot of Mount Etna.
This interview is part of the Archipelagos project, a coaching and anthropological research project on islands and archipelagos as metaphors.

"I fell in love with the illustrated book in which these two codes, imaginative and verbal, are intertwined and are for children but not only for children. I fell in love with the illustrated book as an adult because of what this object was able to give me, because of its capacity for poetry, for great irony, because it is for children, so it never takes itself too seriously, and it is a view that adults should also have on important issues - so it is truly poetic communication in the best sense of the word."

"I realised how Sicilian I am when, at the very beginning of my career, I went on a course with Stefan Zavrel, a very famous watercolourist who lived in Italy. He was from Prague, Bohemian, and he used these watercolours to make all these... he called them "mists", these little mists, these very delicate colours, everything was very blurred. I came in and I was doing a black white red on blue and he said "but where are you from?" - "from Sicily". Immediately these strong, typical contrasts came out, given by the light and the dark, and it seems to me that the strong light brings out these contrasts as if we lacked - I like to think of it metaphorically - as if we lacked the middle ground."