The True Story at Simon's Table {Erica Wiggenhorn - Luke 7}

Live Like It's True

Oct 21 2021 • 44 mins

Do you see the people around you like Jesus does? Or is a certain type of person you might look at with disdain? Who do you see as appalling, or as an annoyance?

Today we're looking at the True Story at Simon's Table from Luke 7:36-50, where a woman was making a scandalous scene at Jesus's feet. Simon thought of her as "that sort", but Jesus saw her as a a woman with an eternal soul, who desperately needed forgiveness and saving. Today, I'm going to invite you to live like this story is true.

Guest: Erica Wiggenhorn

Bible Passage: Luke 7:36-50

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Erica is a speaker, Bible teacher, and the award winning author of the Unexplainable Bible study series with Moody Publishers. She lives in Phoenix with her best friend and husband, Jonathan, and their four kids—two of which are human. (The others are furry and adorable.)

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The True Story at Simon's Table

This true story is found in Luke 7:36-50 in your Bible. It's an absolutely astonishing story in so many ways.

  • It's astonishing that this woman falls at Jesus's feet with reckless abandon, and is willing to be utterly humiliated and "make a scene" to honor him.
  • It's astonishing that Jesus doesn't push her away, but rather uses her as the positive example.
  • It's also astonishing that Jesus turns Simon's eyes to look at this scandalous scene.
  • It's amazing that Jesus tells her, "Go in peace."

LIVE the Story
Jesus asked Simon, "Do you see this woman?" Simon saw her as an annoyance. He looked at her with disdain. Living like this story is true is looking at "that sort" and saying, "Jesus loves her and died for her." It's seeing her as someone who was created with an eternal soul, and will either spend eternity with Jesus in peace, or eternity apart from him in hell.

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