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"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." - William Pollard

Every week, join Andrew Bull, as he unearths big stories, fresh perspectives, and actionable ideas that you can install in your business and live.

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Please make sure you subscribe and follow us wherever you're listening today.  Introduction Let me ask you a question... Do you think information is boring? I mean… it is kind of boring when you first think about it. Who wants to take information our for dinner? Or meet information for a beer?     No One. That’s who. But here’s the thing... information is vitally important to our companies. We might not like it. Or think it’s sexy. But when we can’t get our hands on the information we need… Or when people try to hack into our business... and do bad things to our information… We suddenly have a whole new appreciation for it. We suddenly realise how important that information is to our business. And if we're honest with ourselves… We’d probably admit…. That we don’t spend enough time thinking about how we manage information. If we did… We might do a better job of keep companies our secure and also improve the performance of our business… Now, to help you get a grip on this important topic... I’ve invited an expert in the subject on to today’s show… Today, I’m joined by Ciaran Kenny, Security Lead at Macnamara ICT.   Ciaran is a top level authority on information management and security…  and I know that you will benefit from listening to his ideas. In today's episode, we'll look at The IT couch… where and why your information is getting lostHow the old approach to IT is leaving companies vulnerable to the bad guysHow to get to grips with the information inf your businessPlus, actionable steps that you can take Please make sure you subscribe and follow us wherever you're listening today. So you never miss an episode again.     Show Notes More about Ciaran Kenny... Read the Macnamara blog at https://macnamara.co.uk/blog Love this episode? Please leave a review here Listen to more episodes here: Interstellar.Show Get Andrew's free Resources for Tech companies with teams → https://bit.ly/2Ygyoij Join Andrew's Interstellar Community → https://interstellarway.life/sign-up-for-newsletter/
Nov 11 2021
47 mins
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In this challenging episode. Andrew is joined by Aleks Svetski — Writer, Speaker & Founder at Amber.app, the world's first Bitcoin accumulation app. Three big topics on today's show... Why companies must plan for a Bitcoin future. Why companies need to target the remnant not the masses. Free market Vs. Government control. Aleks Svetski is an entrepreneur with strong opinions and strong ideas about what it takes to succeed in business and how the world is going to be radically changed by bitcoin. Listen and learn Aleks’... - Secret entrepreneurial story… you’ll want to hear it - Views on government and entrepreneurship and free markets - How Aleks leans out as a leader - Why bitcoin is going to shake up financial markets and the way we live - Strong perspective on #bitcoin versus other coins Strap yourself in… this is a big episode. ​ Extra Stuff: Aleks Svetski on Twitter -> @GhostOfSvetski  PLEASE NOTE: Andrew Bull says “Do your own investment research and get independent financial advice. Links below are provided for educational purposes, and are not an endorsement of what you should, or should not invest in” Alek’s bitcoin app -> www.amber.app - available in US and Australia Alek’s essays - https://bitcointimes.news for the deepest & most thought provoking essays on Bitcoin. 1 edition/yr Alek’s on medium - https://svetski.medium.com  Get Andrew's free Resources for Tech Companies with teams → https://bit.ly/2Ygyoij Join Andrew's Interstellar Community → https://interstellarway.life/sign-up-for-newsletter/ #bitcoin #entrepreneur #podcast - Get in touch in the comments below or head to... Email: https://interstellarway.life/contact-us/
Oct 13 2021
57 mins
Talent Opportunity of Biz Veterans: Rick Terrien on hiring older people for your tech business
PROBLEM #1   2 million people aged 55+ have left the work market since the pandemic. This age group been disproportionately affected by job cuts and redundancies, and are not finding it hard to get hired again. However, this group have a wealth of experience and knowledge. PROBLEM #2 40% of leaders reporting that talent scarcity has negatively impacted their organisation. Now, I bet you’re thinking… “What if we brought these two problems together” “What if we helped older people get jobs with tech companies who needed talent” Great minds think alike! We’ve created an episode on this idea. In this episode Andrew is joined by Rick Terrien from the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs. He'll be sharing why you should consider hiring 'older' and how to get started with it... Plus, what Rick's wife did NOT LIKE at their wedding! - The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs empowers entrepreneurs in the second half of life.   ​The CAE aggregates new and experienced entrepreneurs to create new opportunities and to help market our collective capabilities as a network to worthy projects worldwide. ​- Extra Stuff: Rick’s book site (Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age - www.ageless-startup.com Rick’s LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickterrien/ Rick’s current startup - www.food21.org Get Andrew's free Resources for CEOs with teams → https://bit.ly/2Ygyoij Join the Interstellar Community → https://interstellarway.life/sign-up-for-newsletter/
Oct 6 2021
45 mins
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