Special Interview with Nat NW

Bald and Bonkers

Sep 10 2021 • 58 mins

On this week's episode Dakota is joined by Nat NW; author, budding Psychic Medium, and Missing Persons Investigator with Parachills. Initially brought into the fold to publish her upcoming book, "A Beautiful Curse," Nat has become a fully fledged investigator within Parachills and continues to absolutely blow everyone's expectations out of the water. Not only that, but her talents have come in handy with the unfolding ET contact situations the Specialist of the Strange and Parachills center their sights on as her abilities guide the investigation into much bigger revelations. You don't want to miss her in action! Find Dakota online at https://flow.page/specialistofthestrange Affiliated Links: https://linktr.ee/SotSOnline Donate to help Dakota: https://paypal.me/SotStrange #paranormal #aliens #ghosthunting #podcast #author #parachills --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dakota-frandsen/message