100. The Breakup That Changed My Life

Owning Your Sexual Self

Jan 24 2022 • 32 mins

I’m being vulnerable and emotional with you this week. I've been discovering  what parts of my past and my experiences helped me get to this place today, a place that I’m able to now hold space for other people who are going through something similar.  This experience that I’m going to share with you today truly helped me design the masterpiece that is my Sexual Confidence Academy.
There is not one single thing I would change about my past, because had it not been for this experience, this situation, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How has my sexual confidence changed my life?
I have a voice in the bedroom. I had the freaking balls to leave my government paid job to pursue a career in sex therapy and sex coaching full time. I’m able to set better boundaries with family and with friends, I’m able to have more fulfilling relationships with them.  I’m able to walk into rooms where I only know no one with confidence.

Okay, now to the story.

I remember it clear as day. I’m sitting in my apartment, super cozy, surrounded by Christmas lights. My boyfriend at the time walks in and says that essentially our relationship was over after 5 and a half years. He was going to be moving out, and that was that, it was completely one sided. I really had no idea it was coming.
This relationship was what I would call a loveless relationship. Was there love on my end? Yes, I told this person often that I loved them, but not once  did they say it back. That is so hard for me to say, to think about the girl I was then, the lack of confidence I had then. That I stayed in that relationship, even though I was giving and giving in this relationship, and never got it back.

A little background on me, and my issues.
I have been a serial monogamous dater. Up until that point, I had never been single, I had also never been broken up with.  This was the transition for me, this was the starting point of me figuring out who the fuck I am.
This forced me to be single, this forced me to figure out who I was, this forced me to really know and understand who it was that I wanted to become.
In the six months that I gave myself to be single and really work on me, I was treating myself the way I want others to treat me, treating myself the way I know I deserve to be treated. Ultimately I believe that's what allowed Danny to reenter my life. And from the moment we reconnected, and he kissed me for the first time, I just knew that Danny was my person.

Previously in my life I was like a chameleon I morphed myself to do things to appease other people. If you know me personally, you know I now do what I fucking want.
With my signature program, Sexual Confidence Academy, this is what I help you do. This will help you figure out the pieces of your past in regards to sex. All the things that shape a part of who you are today.  So instead of you being on a nine plus year journey to figure out all the pieces, I’ve put all these things together for you. When you can get your sexual confidence on lock, that is going to allow so much more confidence to show up in all areas of your life.
I am damn proud of the person that I am today. I am so fucking proud that I have the opportunity to create things like this to help other women feel proud like this, and feel confidence like this.

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