101. I’m Here Because I’ve Been There

Owning Your Sexual Self

Jan 31 2022 • 44 mins

This week me and Jordan D'Nelle are having a raw conversation about why intimacy coaching is so important and our personal journeys. Generally you get into this field because you have some sort of history around this, and when we share our own unique stories it can inspire so many more people out there listening.

For me, just from a really young age, I’ve just been comfortable around things sex related.  At the age of 14 and I had sex for the first time, and I achieved an orgasm, so I just felt like sex in general was just something I was always “good” at. I discovered my body at such a young age and engaged in that as much as possible.

When Jordan was a child, she always played teacher, and would show her imaginary friends her vulva in a “show and tell”. And then around 10 started humping pillows, and showing her friends, and then “practicing” with her friends how the whole experience would work. She then lost her virginity at 15, but it wasn’t a lovely great story, it was “hey everyone else is doing it, let’s just get it over with so I don’t have this anticipation lingering over me, let’s just make it happen.”. It wasn't until she was 23 that she had her first orgasm with a partner.

In my undergrad years, going for my degree in social work, that I started working at a place called first step which was an agency for sexual and domestic abuse survivors, and I was a survivors advocate for them. Essentially, my job was when someone experienced sexual assault and if they had reached out and went to law enforcement, or went to a hospital, I would be the one to meet them there and go over their options with them, and letting them know that they had the choice to decide what is right for them.  That job kinda messed with me for a bit. Seeing sex in such a negative light like that. That really was a turning point for me, especially when I learned that sex therapy was a thing I could do.

In middle and high school, Jordan was always the girl that was doing all her projects on STI’s, Plan B, and abortion, she was the one helping and going with her friends when they needed to go to planned parenthood, or answering questions about their body. She then went into PA school, and she always knew she wanted to work with women specifically. As a Pure Romance consultant, she was helping all these women with learning about their bodies, and giving women a safe place to do that with her podcast.

In my role now as a coach, I take people through the journey of discovering themselves
What happened in your past that got you to be the sexual person that you are today?
What about that sexual person is it that you love?
What about it do you want to make better?

From there we can play on the strengths that you already love about your sex life, and I can give you the tools and education that you need to get your sex life, your self pleasure life, and your overall sexual confidence to the point that you desire.
There are so many different things that people experience, and having a safe place to go is so important. This kind of sex coaching is doing the work, and having the person that knows what questions to ask, and what tools to give you.
We’re going to teach you all of the really really right ways to do the things.

We both have personal journeys that really led us to become a sex and intimacy coach. There are certain things that have happened in our lives, and things we have learned through this that amplified our sex lives beyond what we could have imagined.

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